Our History

Since 1977

The Ladies Tarpon Fly Tournament represents a rich history of women who love the sport of salt water fly fishing. Since 1977, female anglers have come from all over the world to fish for tarpon in the shallow waters off Islamorada and Florida Bay during their famous migration.

1977 – 2017 | A Look Back

2019 Champions

  • Elizabeth Johnson w/ Captain Stephen Tejera | Grand Champion

  • Deb Kapusta w/ Captain Paul Ross Jr. | First Runner Up
  • Meredith McCord w/ Captain Camp Walker | Second Runner Up

2018 Champions

  • Meredith McCord w/ Captain Camp Walker | First Runner Up
  • Kesley Gallagher w/Captain Luis Cortes | Grand Champion
  • Shandra Rummel w/ Captain Drew Moret | Second Runner Up

(Left to right)

Past Grand Champions

1977Joy BrownHank Brown
1978Joy BrownHank Brown
1979Cathie AlbrightCecil Keith
1980Cathie AlbrightCecil Keith
1981Angie LucasBob Reineman
1982Nickie KnowlesHal Chittum
1983Jackie RobinsonJack Brothers
1984Patricia PateLee Baker
1985Angie LucasMike Collins
1986Wendy DameDale Perez
1987Shari BynumBob Reineman
1988Joan GaristoJoe LePree
1989Angie LucasStu Apte
1990Angie LucasBen Taylor
1991Angie LucasBen Taylor
1992Bonnie BeallRob Fordyce
1993Cheryl CulbersonRalph Delph
1994Shari BynumTim Klein
1995Shari BynumTim Klein
1996Shari BynumTim Klein
1997Marcia FoosenerGreg Poland
1998Cheryl CulbersonRalph Delph
1999Wendy GunnRick Murphy
2000Diana RudolphTad Burke
2001Diana RudolphTad Burke
2002Linda RobinsonTony Traad
2003Diana RudolphTad Burke
2004Diana RudolphTad Burke
2005Leslie DuncanBill Knowles
2006Leslie DuncanBill Knowles
2007Kathy HoarTad Burke
2008Jayne KilpatrickJoe Rodriguez
2009Kathy HoarTad Burke
2010No Tournament
2011No Tournament
2012Heidi NuteRob Fordyce
2013Heidi NuteRob Fordyce
2014No Tournament
2015Heidi NuteCraig Brewer
2016Heidi NuteCraig Brewer
2017Meredith McCordCamp Walker
2018Kesley GallagherLuis Cortes
2019Elizabeth JohnsonStephen Tejera
2020No Tournament
2021Meredith McCord Camp Walker
2022Meredith McCord Camp Walker
2023Elizabeth JohnsonRidge Murphy


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Friends of the Ladies Tarpon Fly Tournament

A heartfelt special thank you to all of our exceptionally talented artists! The Ladies Tarpon Fly Tournament is proud to feature such amazing and unique artwork as prizes for our anglers and guides. Please support our generous friends!